Book an Appointment: It’s the Most Important Part of Purchasing a Rug

Why book an appointment with us before you decide on a rug? 

We don’t require that you do, but we feel obliged to let you know that it won’t save you from making the wrong decision, it will remove the decision altogether. The easiest decisions are the ones you don’t have to make.

How do I know what a rug will look like in my home?

You’ve got your eye on a rug, or two, maybe even three. Are you trying to visualize how it (they) will look in your home? 

How many times have you put your phone on your living room floor to see how those rugs would look?

Perhaps you’ve placed your laptop showing a photo of one of those rugs on your sofa to see what colours will work.

The more you try to visualize how a rug will look in your home, the harder it is to know what you want.

We’ve been there. When I bought my first Moroccan rug, guess where I was? 

That’s right–Morocco. Home of The Rug. 

Easy, right? Not quite. 

I was thousands of miles from home in a local market in Marrakesh. A massive, bustling place boasting a hundred different places to buy locally-spun rugs and fresh squeezed orange juice. I must have looked through hundreds of rugs over several days trying to suss out which one would give me that look every time I entered my bedroom. You know, the look that says, “come to me and rest your weary feet. I will give you comfort, warmth, a blissful sleep at the end of a long day.”  Because if my bedroom could speak to me, that is what I would want it to say. Cold wooden floorboards, though beautiful, don’t do that.

But I couldn’t visualize it. I finally settled for one of the first ones I’d looked at. And although I loved its Berber tattoo motif, I couldn’t determine if its colour would complement my bedroom furnishings, if the size was right, or if my spouse would like it. I was also skeptical about how it would look against my floor in full daylight, instead of against the backdrop of that vibrant, moving market full of sound and colour.

Thankfully, I made the right choice. A stroke of luck, a bit intuition, and some hardcore visualization and my bedroom speaks to me in gentle, welcoming tones. My spouse does too. 

Seeing is knowing

Purchasing a rug doesn’t have to be a stressful experience or an intuitive act. There is a simple way to know if the one you like is the one that works. With the right kind of planning they can be the same rug–and we can help.

We invite you to visit our shop to see our collection of rugs and take all the photos you want.

We also invite you to view our designs here, on our website, and match them against your sofa–through your laptop of course.

We recommend however, that you book an appointment for us to come to you with a pre-selected rug or collection of rugs so you and your home can get a feel for them.

Our unique service will help you determine the practical aspects of purchasing a rug: size, colour, and style. 

But more than that–you’ll discover the subtle aspects that make a rug part of your home. 

How it lightens or darkens, shrinks or expands a room. How the colour and texture changes in the morning light. How it enhances your home and invites you in. 

But most of all, how you feel when you see it. 

Until a rug is in your home, on your floor, amid your furnishings, it’s impossible to know.

Once you see it, then you know, and the decision disappears, just like that.

Book an appointment here for an in-home rug consultation. Select your date, enter your name and contact information, and tell us what rugs you’re interested in. 

If you don’t know yet, check out our Hot New Rugs or see our home page for categorical selections. 

If you’re one of the lucky ones who can visualize easily and you don’t see the perfect match for your home in our collection, we can custom make one for you.

Visit us at 1090 College Street or call us at 416.580.7122 during our store hours, or simply email us at to find out how.

We offer free delivery within 50 kilometres of Toronto with a purchase of $500. Don’t worry, if you’re outside of Toronto or Canada we’ll ship your rug anywhere you are. Even if you’re in Morocco. 

But you don’t have to go there. We’ll bring Morocco to you–hold the orange juice.