If you’re searching Toronto for modern rugs, consider an authentic, handcrafted Moroccan rug from a local boutique rug store. 

Before we explore highlights of our exclusive rug collection, we must address a question that comes up time and time again in our industry: 

What is a Modern Rug? 

Whenever someone comes to us looking for a modern rug, we ask them if they want to see a contemporary rug or something from our vintage collection. Because the word modern is a bit misleading.

Modern design spun out of the 1950s and 60s. It was a rejection of conventional, outdated styles. It saw clean lines, minimalism, bold accent colours. From that period emerged a new word for art, fashion, and interior design: Contemporary.

Contemporary refers to the here and now, without attachment to an era. As the present moment changes, contemporary follows it and makes the old new again. 

I’ll let you in on a secret from the world of rugs. We don’t refer to rugs as modern anymore; it’s too ambiguous a term. We want the original idea of modern in a rug that contains the essence of history. 

The Sweet Spot for Modern Rugs in Toronto

Have you ever walked into a rug store and felt a little bit disappointed? 

There are stacks of lifeless mats that look a little too new, whether they’re overly shiny or marked by factory-printed designs. 

Or perhaps you’ve seen rugs that look a bit old. Not that vintage old that we all know and love, but the musty, faded old that speaks to an era no longer in style and hasn’t been since it dissolved way back when. 

There’s a design sweet spot with rugs and you know what it is. You’ve seen it. You know what it feels like. You just haven’t found it. 

Until now.

When searching for modern rugs, Toronto has a special place. One that unites modern and vintage. A place that showcases the traditions of history and weaves them into exquisite, original designs. 

A place where you can find a modern rug that isn’t modern at all but has a thousand-year history.

Welcome to Mellah. We have exactly what you’re looking for, even if you don’t know what that is yet. 

Our rugs achieve contemporary design better than any other high-end niche for modern rugs in Toronto. Made of the most touchable silk, wool, and other natural materials that reveal a depth of soul absent in factory-made, mass-produced rugs. 

Each rug holds a distinct cultural imprint. 

Like the Boucherouite that was originally a functional rag rug created by domestic women out of old, torn clothing. It houses an indelible spirit reminiscent of an old world.

A lightweight, flat-weave tapestry called a kilim, originally used as a prayer rug. 

An undyed Beni Ourain, a symbol of the natural world and an heirloom of luxury and comfort. 

Tuareg mats, woven with wood and leather, that define the culture of an era (we’re the only rug store in Toronto that carries the Tuareg by the way).

Hand-knotted, pile-woven, monochrome, or dense tribal designs made with traditional dyes, crafted by master weavers. Exquisite rugs that seem to have floated from distant lands over ancient sands and landed in our homes. Rugs unbound by time or trends.

Unique and edgy masterpieces of history, function, and style.

Whether we’re talking about vintage clothing, ancient medicine, classical architecture, or rug design (but most certainly not dentistry), the essence of old is finding its way back into our lives in a whole new way.

Redefine modern style.

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