A little while ago, fed up with constantly being targeted with sponsored real estate posts on Facebook, we did what any reasonable sentient rug store would do, and started trolling them with our Mellah Facebook account. We would look at the listing and comment solely on the rugs in the staging. We wish we had screenshots of some of the more brilliant comments, but those, like all things truly beautiful, were transient and ephemeral—we feel both an empathy and a note of melancholic resignation to the inevitable passing of them. But I digress...

Toronto is obsessed with real estate. Both Blog TO and Toronto Life write about it constantly, and it's really frigging annoying! Toronto Life gets more ad revenue from a click-bait hate read real estate piece, like this infamous one, than they do from a painstakingly researched and highly entertaining true crime piece that occasionally ends up in the magazine. We could blame them, but it is a sick reflection of our crazed, febrile obsession. We deserve this. The only things possibly more annoying are crypto currency "you're missing out!" pieces, basically anything about cannabis, or those articles they write about what food local chefs have in their fridges. 

Why are we writing about this? Ironically, the more we started commenting on real estate listings and articles, the more the Facebook algorithm started putting them in our feed! Every single real estate listing, every article, every egregiously misplaced rug in Toronto started coming across our desk, at which point we started noticing who was already doing it well, and who would be open to buying some Moroccan rugs for real estate staging purposes in Toronto.

Fox Marin Real Estate is a great example of a brokerage that understands how crucial staging is to selling a condo, and they invest a lot in it because they're smart, and, in the long run, properly staging their listings makes them more money. Beni Ourains are classic and photograph beautifully, but don't discount the more colourful Moroccan rugs, especially if you want your listing to stand out and not get chastised for poor placement of rugs in the comment section. 

Real estate agents: I have read enough of your breathless prose hawking real estate on Facebook.   Now read some of ours: we are selling exclusive, move in ready, oversized, stunning Moroccan rugs with great potential. Hurry! They won't last long.


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