We recently procured a secret stash of rugs from a Moroccan expat living in Montreal. Good quality vintage Moroccan rugs are getting harder to find and more expensive, so this was a most welcome and unexpected bounty of  unique and authentic Moroccan rugs. Welcome to Toronto, Moroccan Rugs. May you enjoy your time here. 


ZAC002 (4'2" x 8'7")
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This is an authentic Beni M'guild rug likely dating back to the 1940's. It's dyed with real indigo, and is a true made-for-home rug, and not for the market. There are so many really crappy bleached Beni M'guilds out there on Etsy and Instagram or whatever—don't be an idiot and buy one. The colour will run if it gets the slightest bit wet, and the bleaching utterly ruins the wool forever. The colours might be hip right now, but you are not getting a piece of enduring beauty and quality, like the one pictured above. In general, do not buy rugs online, unless it is from us. 

ZAC003 (5' x 8'9")
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Another example of a beautiful and authentic Beni M'guild. Take a moment and look at it. Get whatever modern and vulgar images you've been mindlessly scrolling through on your phone out of your mind and drink this rug in. Is beauty in the eye of the beholder, or are things objectively beautiful? If beauty is entirely subjective the word has no meaning; if beauty is entirely objective, could it be measured by scientific instruments? Augustine asked if things are beautiful because they give delight, or if they give delight because they're beautiful. Either way, just go ahead and click on that "add to cart" button above to find out. 

Disclaimer: I love Zaiane rugs. I have written about them in the past, so out of laziness and fear of being redundant, I will not write anymore. I'm pretty sure we sold it to Mir's friend from camp, but he hasn't paid yet, nor have we heard from him—which is kinda mixed news, I guess? It's not a "no." If you're reading this, Ben, you should buy it. It's a 16 foot rug, you have an 18 foot hall, and the width works, too. Of course, our financial motivations preclude us from giving impartial advice, but I'd honestly say from the pictures you sent me it looks pretty damn good. I'm going to go ahead and leave that "add to cart" button up there until we get an answer.


People just love these Ourikas. They're a mixture of wool and whatever else is lying around. $1650 Canadian Dollars is a good price for a handmade Moroccan rug of good quality, especially one that is already in Toronto, where you can see and touch it. If you are unable to come to Toronto, just go ahead and smash that "add to cart" button. We ship anywhere, and if you don't like it you can always send it back.

ZAC009 (5'8" x 10'2")
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God, this is embarrassing, but I forget the name of this style of Moroccan rug. It isn't a Beni Ourain, although it does superficially resemble one. It's too thin to be a Marmoucha, and it has different knotting and is too formal to be a M'rirt—if anyone knows please tell me. It's likely from the 80s and commercially made. It's really nice and super white, as opposed to the cream colour they usually are. I actually prefer the cream to white, but who gives a damn what I think, I can't even remember the name of this goddamn rug. White, however, does look better in Instagram pictures. Go ahead and click "add to cart" if you agree. We ship rugs anywhere from our little rug store in Toronto


Sometimes you just need a small Moroccan rug and you don't want to pay a lot of money for it. Not much else to say about that. These ones are all around $250-$400 Canadian dollars.